PH Booster

PH Booster


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SpaBoss pH Booster raises the pH levels in your spa water. Low pH levels also causes chlorine levels to become unstable, and therefore less effective in eliminating bacteria, algae and other organic matter. SpaBoss pH Booster is readily soluble in water and can simply be broadcasted over the water surface. Your spa water is safe to enter immediately after adding pH Booster.

Recommended range of pH levels is 7.2 – 7.8, when the pH falls below 7.2, the water becomes acidic causing skin discomfort and eye irritation.

Size: 750 g


One capful holds approximately 30 grams.

Test pH levels daily.

When pH level is below 6.6 – add 15 grams of pH Booster per 1000L of water;

When pH level is 6.6 – 7.0, add 10 grams per 1000L of water

pH level 7.0 – 7.2, add 7 grams per 1000L of water