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Enhance your hot tub experience with these great products.

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[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Pulse Stream Jet

Provides a swirling, invigorating and massaging action.

$32.00 - $34.00
[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Grit Gitter

The Grit Gitter is the perfect solution for quick spot cleaning in any spa, hot tub, or kiddie pool! This...


[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Thermal Spa Blanket

Increase the operating efficiency of your Softub.Reduces heat loss and lessens heat up time. Simply lays on the water surface.

$44.95 - $44.95
[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Hemp Spa Crystals

Soothe your mind and body with a luxury spa escape using hemp spa and bath crystals. PEPPERMINT TWIST – Soothes skin...

$29.99 - $29.99
[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Direct Jet Stream

Used as a jet for all tubs, directional nozzle. 

$15.00 - $16.00
[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Spa Side Umbrella

Protect both you and your Softub from the sun with this 10-foot umbrella; a great alternative to gazebos. Its versatility...

$599.00 - $599.00
[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Softub Towel

A colorful Softub branded towel featuring our beloved Sunny the Duck!


[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Hydrotherapy Fitness Kit

Variable directional resistance with the turn of the wrist. Dumbbells give added balance during a workout, increasing flexibility while strengthening...



[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Softub Promobag

Softub Promobag Credible Company - Proudly made in Canada since 1990, Softub is available in over 30 countries with over...

$25.00 - $25.00
[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Mini-Me Cooler

Perfect Mini Softub insulated to keep your drinks cold...or use it as a foot bath Available in the 6 Softub...

$180.00 - $180.00