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A Softub surround will elevate your hot tub set-up and provide additional convenience.

The natural cedar hot tub surround can be stained to compliment your deck colour and the boca is a great waterproof choice!

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220 Boca Surround

The width of the Boca Surround on one side is 16" (41cm) The Softub Boca Surround is constructed of durable...



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Wood Deck Surround

Width of the Cedar Surround on one side is 13" (33cm) Encircle your Softub with a fun and functional wrap-around...

$1,895.00 - $1,995.00
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Natural Half Surround (300 Model)

The width of the Cedar Surround on one side is 13" (33cm). Elevate your Softub with our functional high-quality cedar...