About Us

Softub Canada has been distributing and manufacturing Softub spas in Canada since 1990. That’s over 30 years of customers enjoying our Canadian-made product. Softub Spa is Canada’s #1 portable hot tub, weighing as little as 50lbs when empty. It is one of the most eco-friendly hot tubs on the market today. We’ve mastered a patented heat recovery system that keeps energy costs as little as $15-$20/month. The Softub product line is distributed in over 30 countries worldwide with over 300,000 customers.

The Softub requires no special plumbing or wiring, take it home, set it up, plug it into any standard household outlet and RELAX. We keep it simple and make getting into hot water easy & fun, ANY TIME of the year.  Rain, snow or sunshine, the Softub Spa will withstand any Canadian weather thrown its way. Softub spas are available in three different sizes, creating the perfect scenario for every family.


Want to find out more? Softub spas are retailed through a national dealer network across Canada and can be located by clicking here.

Want proof this will be the most excellent decision you’ve made? Read real testimonials from Softub customers here, or watch our videos for more information. Being a Canadian product, Softub is no match for other brands. You won’t be disappointed.