PH Reducer

PH Reducer


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SpaBoss pH Reducer lowers the pH of your spa water. It is an essential part of hot tub maintenance.

If the pH of your water is high, the water will be alkaline and the chlorine is prevented from doing its job since it combines with other materials in the water. This can sometimes cause an unusually strong chlorine odour that is not found when the pH is balanced properly. The water can also become cloudy, and eye irritation can develop. The scale build-up may also start to form.

Size: 1 kg


One capful holds approximately 30 grams.

Test water daily for pH levels.

When pH results are higher than 8.0, add 60gr of pH Reducer per 1000L of water

If pH results are between 7.8 – 8.0, add 30gr of pH Reducer per 1000L of water

Let circulate for 1 hour and re-test.