Our Testimonials

In 2019, we decided to buy our first hot tub. We chose a Softub 300 because of the excellent reviews but also because it was a Canadian made product. We love it so much ! Summer, fall, winter and spring ! Stays hot even in cold Quebec winter. We recommend it to everyone looking for a quality product that looks awesome !
Philippe Powell
My family had a rental over the Christmas holidays and it was amazing! In fact, my daughter is doing a presentation for her class tomorrow all about how that was the best part of her Holidays! The service was great, the staff unbelievably pleasant to deal with, and the tub itself was crazy comfortable. Thank you Softub for helping my family add a little relaxation over the sometimes stressful holidays.
Falconbridge rd in Sudbury
Thank you for the enjoyment, thank you for making the end of the day a joy.
Kim Mitchell
I have been in and around Softubs my entire life and I have seen the good they can do in the areas of physiotherapy and ultimate relaxation. Highly Recommended!
I have owned my softub for over 10 years and had no trouble with it. It is located outside and in all kinds of weather conditions. We have used it alongside our swimming pool. It is very easy to maintain, comfortable and very relaxing after work or just anytime. It has run continuously for the 10 years, never given any trouble, has had the vinyl liner replaced once, just like a swimming pool. Service came to our location in Hamilton and replaced within couple of hours. Shock every once in a while with Bromine. THIS IS ONE FANTASTIC PRODUCT! I would buy another tub!
David F. Tozer CET
Getting a Softub is one of the best investments I’ve made. The health benefits are just a bonus. Me and my wife are able to spend good quality time together – anytime we want. Being married for 15 years makes one feel that we’ve done almost everything together. Being able to talk, relax, eat, watch a movie, play cards, read books while in a Softub made everything a whole new experience.
Joseph Salas
Hello, Wow Soft Tub Canada you built a great tub! We purchased our Hot Tub last year at the Tronto Cottage Show and it has been one year this month. We are very happy with the year long results. We waited a full year to comment because we wanted to see the season results (winter, spring, summer,fall). The only reason we rated it a 4 1/2 is because we would like to see backlighting on the hydromate for the controls at night. Thank you for the Great Canadian product that stands up to the harsh seasons. Our Hot Tub has been outside since our purchase. Robin (Barrie,Ont)
I enjoy it everyday. Should have done it much sooner.
Murray Ludington
I’ve been waiting 14 long years for another softtub i finaly got a new one YIPPIE. Now to learn how to use the new fancy settings. Love love love my tub.
Carole Lyons
On our second Softub…love them!
Sandi Haynes-Paterson
I love my Softub, I had it set up and was using it not within 48 hours from when I picked it up. It’s great for the aches and pains at the end of the day.
Zak O
We have had our Softub for over 15 yrs and have used every night on our deck with the roof over it and my fav time is when it is storming out in the winter .I would recommend these to anyone. You will never be disappointed. this is the best thing by far we have ever bought.
Lisa Frost
I love my Softub. Sits on my deck at home over the winter and then we very easily pack it up and take it to camp for the rest of the year. Plug and play!
Ron Squires
I wanted to send head office an email stating how satisfied with both the product and the professional service I have received while purchasing my new hot tub. This is my third soft tub in 20 years and I have been thoroughly impressed with Affordable Hot Tubs. Alex and her staff have gone out of their way to accommodate and are always very helpful and friendly. We are very fortunate to have such great people working on Vancouver Island and I look forward to their business for many more years.
Ian Smith
Affortable Hot Tubs