Wood Deck Surround

Wood Deck Surround



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220 model now on sale! (limited quantities available) Its a bit different from the 300 model, please see pictures for reference. 

Encircle your Softub with a fun and functional hand-crafted cedar surround. It features a step to exit and enter your Softub with ease and benches for you to sit on. Not only will you have a place to put accessories or a beverage, but you can also customize this surround to suit your backyard oasis by staining or painting it yourself.

Total Diameters:
Softub 300 + Wood Surround = 8.5ft (102")
Softub 220 + wood surround = 8ft (95")

The width of the Cedar Surround on one side is 1ft (12"). 

*Does not fit with a lid lift, handrail or umbrella.
*can take 1-2 weeks to ship