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SpaBoss Descummer effectively eliminates cloudy water, scum buildup and odours. Also, reduces maintenance, harsh chemicals, scrubbing, and freshwater changes. It is a natural enzyme formula, which causes organic contaminants to biodegrade gently; and is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, 100% biodegradable and does not increase TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

SpaBoss Descummer is also, non-irritating to eyes, skin, ears, and mucous membranes. Two or three applications of Descummer will completely eliminate organic contaminants that cloud hot tub water and form scum, odours, and clog filters and lines.

Size: 500 mL


For normal hot tub use, add 60ml per 1,000L of spa water, once a week. Can be repeated twice a week if the hot tub is used frequently.