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Softcushion & Softub Spa Pillow Combo

Sit back and rest your head on the cushy Softub Spa pillow. The weighted design allows the cushion to rest...

$69.95 - $69.95
[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Softub Canada Gift Card

$25.00 - $500.00
[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Softub Hoodie

Comfortable Softub Hoodie for the colder months. Looks great on everyone! Unisex Sizes.  Made of Cotton/Polyester Blend Models Wearing Small...

$30.00 - $30.00
[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Softub Lid Lift

The unique undermount installation plate allows the lid lift to be installed on whatever side of your spa you choose...


[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Softub Promobag

Softub Promobag Credible Company - Proudly made in Canada since 1990, Softub is available in over 30 countries with over...

$35.00 - $35.00
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[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Softub Robe

A comfy robe to keep you warm and snuggle up in before and after you get into your Softub  One...


[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Softub Spa Pillow

You'll appreciate the comfort of our exclusively designed Softub Pillows. Made to match your Softub Spa's exterior colour, or mix...

$59.95 - $59.95
[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Softub Summer Tumbler

This vacuum-insulated Softub branded cup keeps your drink hot for 5 hours and cold for 15 hours Double-wall construction and...

$12.00 - $12.00
[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Softub Toques

Keep your head warm with Softub Canada's winter toques. Add this to your winter wardrobe to stay warm all winter...

$15.00 - $23.99
[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Softub Towel

A colorful Softub branded towel featuring our beloved Sunny the Duck!


[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Softub Transport Cover

Keep your Softub safe during transportation! The Transport Cover is a flexible, fitted cover that will help keep the Softub...

$300.00 - $400.00
[Soft Tub] - [Softubcanada]

Spa Clear

SpaBoss Spa Clear is a super highly-concentrated clarifier, that adds brilliance back to the spa water, and restores water clarity....