Drain, Clean, Refill. Simple Steps to keep your Softub Fresh and Clean!

Before Draining

Before draining your Softub, use Whirlpool Rinse to clean the internal plumbing.


On average, Softub owners should drain and refill their tubs 3-4 times a year or when the water chemistry becomes challenging to manage. Always unplug the motor unit before draining the tub. Drain your tub using a garden hose as a siphon or a submersible pump. NOTE: When using a submersible pump, do not allow the suction end to directly contact the vinyl as this may damage the vinyl and void the warranty.


When your Softub is empty, wipe the inner walls with diluted Whirlpool Rinse on a cloth, or use TNL vinyl cleaner. When your tub is sparkly clean, it’s time to refill!


Before filling your Softub, run your hose for a couple of minutes to filter out any excess minerals. Preferably use warm water to fill, ensuring the water temperature is not over 40°C (104°F). Filling your tub with warm water will significantly reduce the time needed for the initial warm-up. As your Softub fills with a couple of inches of water, ensure all creases and wrinkles are smoothed out. Take extra time around the seat on the Softub 300 to ensure a proper fit.

After Filling

Finish off by using Restore cover cleaner on your bi-fold lid to add shine and UV protectant!

Quick Tip: Ensure your lid is closed and the air control is off to speed up the heating process.